Monday, March 30, 2015

FixInsight by SourceOddity

There’s a long history of static code analysis tools for a variety of languages. I’m probably not the only one who remembers PC-Lint’s ancient print magazine advertisements, which had a C code snippet and asked you to spot the problem with it. A compiler, of course is an example of just this: its hints and warnings are unnecessary but useful output. It doesn’t have to emit them – it really only needs to emit errors – but we appreciate when it does.  Often, in fact, I personally wish that Delphi emitted more hints and warnings than it does.
There are a number of tools that analyze Delphi code and produce reports based on it (Icarus, Delphi Unit Dependency Scanner, ModelMaker’s Unit Dependencies, and Castalia might count as well) but only two products perform static analysis and report possible code errors.  They are Pascal Analyzer (which emits warnings of various strengths, which I’ve never used but which had a good short review here) and this new plugin, FixInsight. The person behind SourceOddity is Roman Yankovsky, a name you might recognise from the Delphi Developers G+ group or elsewhere.


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