Saturday, November 28, 2015

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components v9.6.1

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components,
New Release!

v9.6.1 - 2015/11/29
  - Fixed Components compile error

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components v9.6.0

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components,
New Release!

v9.6.0 - 2015/11/28
  + Now Support Delphi XE10 Seattle
  + Added TDPFLocalAuthentication component
  + Added pidiOSDevice64 in all components
  + Added ExposureMode feature in TDPFCamera
  + Added FocusMode feature in TDPFCamera
  - Fixed TDPFNavigationController: access violation when deleting page at design time
  - Fixed TDPFUITableView crash on iOS64 (UITableView.setRowHeight needs CGFloat instead of Single)
  - Fixed TDPFUITableView: Cannot assign TSectionItem to TSectionItem
  - Fixed TDPFSegmentedControl: "Cannot assign TDPFSegmentedControlItem to TDPFSegmentedControlItem"
  - Fixed TDPFTableItemText.SetText
  - Fixed TDPFUITableView.OnGetNumberOfRowsInSection should honor numberOfRowsInSection
  - Fixed TDPFQLPreviewController crash
  - Fixed TDPFUITableView section alignment
  - Fixed App Manager Crash
  - Fixed TDPFUIPageViewController page scrolling
  - Fixed Crash in TDPFApplicationManager on iOS 9.x

Thursday, April 9, 2015

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components v9.5.0

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components

v9.5.0 - 2015/04/10
  + XE8 support ( is now the minimum supported Delphi version. )
  + Added TDPFDateTimeComboBox Clear method
  + Added TDPFTabBarProperty.BarTintColor property
  + Added TDPFSearchBar.MaxLength property
  - Fixed TMFMessageComposeViewController crash on send message
  - Fixed set TDPFSearchBar.ShowsScopeBar on runtime

Download : D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Delphi XE8 is avaialble

Delphi XE8

The Fastest Connected App Platform for Windows and Beyond

Embarcadero® Delphi XE8 is the complete software development solution for rapidly designing, coding, and extending "connected" apps across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and IoT. Build industrial strength and Business ready solutions incorporating multiple native client platforms, mobile extensions, smart devices, cloud services, Enterprise and embedded data. Create fast native apps for Windows, OS X and mobile from one codebase.

Delphi XE8

Discover How Delphi XE8 Expands Your Business

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Preview: Build and deploy iOS 64-bit apps

Apple has been shipping iOS devices with 64-bit CPUs for a while but Apple is now requiring App Store apps to include 64-bit binaries. We've been running a beta for several months for developers to create 64-bit iOS apps, so I want to share some screenshots of this feature with you. Don't forget, you can buy XE7 now and get the next release when it ships, see (it is highly recommended to add regular update subscription after this time limited one expires)
First, to build a 64-bit target, simply select it in the project manager and compile. 


Monday, March 30, 2015

FixInsight by SourceOddity

There’s a long history of static code analysis tools for a variety of languages. I’m probably not the only one who remembers PC-Lint’s ancient print magazine advertisements, which had a C code snippet and asked you to spot the problem with it. A compiler, of course is an example of just this: its hints and warnings are unnecessary but useful output. It doesn’t have to emit them – it really only needs to emit errors – but we appreciate when it does.  Often, in fact, I personally wish that Delphi emitted more hints and warnings than it does.
There are a number of tools that analyze Delphi code and produce reports based on it (Icarus, Delphi Unit Dependency Scanner, ModelMaker’s Unit Dependencies, and Castalia might count as well) but only two products perform static analysis and report possible code errors.  They are Pascal Analyzer (which emits warnings of various strengths, which I’ve never used but which had a good short review here) and this new plugin, FixInsight. The person behind SourceOddity is Roman Yankovsky, a name you might recognise from the Delphi Developers G+ group or elsewhere.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Persian, Happy New Year, 1394

Persian, Happy New Year smile emoticon

New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year with New Peace, New Happiness and abundance of new friends, God bless you through out the New Year.
Although I'm not with you but my wishes will always stay with you on this New Year 1394. Happy New Year !