Monday, January 19, 2015

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components, new version


Now, I released a new version of D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components
By this new release you can make PDF files & QR Barcode in your iOS mobile applications
Enjoy it!


(Special thanks to Sebastian Zierer)
v9.2.8 - 2015/01/17
  + New Component: TDPFQRCodeScanner
  + New Component: TDPFViewControllerEvents
  + New Component: TGrandID
  + Added BarCode Demo
  + Added TDPFiOSBaseControl: CreateUIControl, DestroyUIControl, UpdateUIControlPosition
  + Added TDPFUIPrintPageRenderer Component
  + Modified TDPFiOSBaseControl: preparations in order to clean up usage of "Loaded" functions
  + Modified TDPFiOSBaseControl: call UpdateUIControlPosition if position of native control needs to be updated
  + Added TDPFApplicationManager.OnInterfaceRotated
  * Changed TDPFApplicationManager: adapted to XE7; allow multiple instances of TDPFApplicationManager
  - Fixed TDPFImagePickerController save video to PhotosAlbum
  - Fixed TUIToolBar startup position
  - Fixed TDPFProgress startup position
  - Fixed TDPFSegmentedControl startup position
  - Fixed TDPFPickerView startup position
  - Fixed TDPFMapView crash on zoom
  - Fixed some demo minor bugs
  - Fixed TDPFNavigationController Bar Height
  - Fixed Fixed Crash UIViewController
  - Fixed TDPFNavigationController Margins

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